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Reusable packaging as a service.

Convenient. Sustainable. Enjoyable.

Reusable packaging as a service

No more piling up wasted single-use packaging for takeaway food! futureproof makes it easy for you to choose for reusable packaging!

Our solution is based on premium containers that enhance your consumption experience and convenient return options.

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We are not there for consumers and restaurants only. Read more about our services for businesses…

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1. Order

Order your favorite meal in a reusable container and show your QR code or unique code to link the packaging to your account.

2. Enjoy

Enjoy your meal in a premium container. Reuse is better for the environment and healthier for you.

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Smartphone, deposit box

3. Return

Leave the packaging at one of the collection points. We take care of the cleaning and ensure hygienic conditions.

Return locations