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Reusable packaging as a service.

Convenient. Sustainable. Enjoyable.

Reusable packaging as a service ?

Circular model to explain the flow: take away, rinse, return, cleaning

No more piling up wasted single-use packaging for takeaway food ! futureproof makes it easy for you to choose for reusable packaging ! 

Our solution is based on premium containers that enhance your consumption experience and convenient  return options. 

How does it work?

Mountain of waste plastic bottles and other types of plastic waste at the Thilafushi waste disposal site.

Why do we care?

Yearly 150,000,000 tons of single use packaging is produced worldwide of which 91 % ends up on landfills or in the environment. Regardless of whether it is made from plastics, cardboard or biomaterials – single use packaging is wasting valuable resources and polluting our planet.

That is the reason why we make it our mission to make reuse convenient so that it can become a mainstream alternative to single use packaging !

Lowest impact

Various Life Cycle Assessments proof that cleaning the food containers in a local ecosystem has a significantly lower impact than single-use packaging.

Our business model asks a fee per use to restaurant owners . This service model is fully circular : It is in our interest that the containers last as long as possible and thereby have lowest environmental impact !


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