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Reusable packaging as a service

Convenient, free & enjoyable.

ZERO WASTE MADE convenient !

No more piling up wasted single-use packaging for takeaway food! futuREproof makes it easy for you to choose for reusable packaging!


Our mobile application makes it convenient to borrow containers for takeaway or delivery food.

The app keeps track of the containers you borrowed and help you find the collection point that is most nearby to you.


Borrowing the reusable containers is entirely free as long as you return within 14 days

You will be remembered often enough and can extend the date for a small fee. If not returned, the deposit value will be charged. Read more here.


In our premium containers food simply tastes and looks better !

Reusable food container, smartphone

1. Order

Order your favorite meal in a reusable container and use your QR code to link the packaging to your account.

2. Enjoy

Enjoy your meal in a premium container. Reuse is better for the environment and healthier for you.

Reusable food container with vegetables and smiley
Smartphone, deposit box

3. Return

Leave the packaging at one of the collection points. We take care of the cleaning and ensure hygienic conditions.

Participating Restaurants & Collection points