Terms & conditions

This page describes the terms and conditions for participating in the reuse model of futuREproof as a consumer.

futuREproof offers reusable food containers to restaurants and consumers as a service.

The economical viability of such a model is dependent on the lifetime of the containers and other infrastructure. We therefore ask all consumers to use the food containers with respect. Normal tear and wear is to be expected after using the containers, but in case of repeated damaging of the food containers futuREproof remains the right to exclude consumers from the reuse model.

futuREproof offers the reusable containers in a ‘free to lend’ system to consumers where no deposit has to be paid upfront. After registration of payment details in the mobile application, the consumer can benefit from this service with following conditions:

  • It is FREE to use if the reusable food containers are returned to a collection point within 14 days. futuREproof will remind the consumer before the end of this time window.
  • It is always possible for the consumer to extend this time window by 7 days in exchange for € 1.
  • If the reusable food containers are not returned, the deposit value will be charged to the consumer via the payment details.
  • The reusable food containers can be returned at any time after the original time window at which the consumer gets the full deposit value back, but is charged a fee of € 2.

The deposit value ranges from product to product:

  • Food containers are charged at € 10.
  • Stainless steel coffee cups with lids are charged at € 10.
  • Trays are charged at € 12.

In case of an outstanding payment by the consumer, futuREproof reserves the right to refuse to offer further reusable food containers for free.

The cleaning of the reusable food containers is performed at hygienic standards. Due to the sanitization process at elevated temperatures there is no risk of contamination of viruses (including Covid) and bacteria.

The reuse model has currently not been tested for allergens – we therefore ask if you are sensitive to certain allergens to refrain from using the reuse model for the time being.

Version 1.0.1