Frequently asked questions

futuREproof offers reusable packaging as a service for order and takeaway meals to avoid wasting raw materials in disposable packaging. We do this with an easy and ‘free to lend’ reuse model where they are cleaned locally. We only use healthy materials and ensure that the premium packaging makes your food taste better!

You can easily order a reusable container in one of the participating restaurants. It won’t cost you anything, not even a deposit. You only need to register in the application and return the containers to a collection point within 14 days.

To access the app, simply scan the QR codes at the counter in the restaurant, on the packaging or by going to https://app.futureproof.eco. Soon we will also be available in the Google and Apple app stores.

Step 1 – register in the app and leave your payment details. The data is kept safe and it costs nothing as long as you return the packaging within 14 days.

Step 2 – the button in the middle shows your personal QR code in the app. You must show this to the staff in the restaurant and they will link your account with the reusable container.

Use the map (bottom right in the app) to find the locations where you can return the containers. We are working on finding the most accessible locations for you! The faster you return the containers, the more waste we can avoid together 🙂 .

The containers are checked and cleaned in a local ecosystem under hygienic conditions to make them ready for the next use.

We will regularly remind you of the deadline to return the packaging on time. If you are unable to do so due to circumstances, you can extend the period by a week for € 1.

If you do not return the packaging on time, we will charge € 12. If you do return the container afterwards, you will receive a refund of € 8.

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