Moving boxes as a service

No more cardboard wasted for moving

Moving boxes are essential for transporting your goods to your new home in a secure and efficient way. One typically invests in new boxes upfront to pack all of the goods and after unpacking wonder what to do with all of these cardboard boxes. A few are kept at your new home, but all the other ones are just standing in the way and are send for recycling or disposal. 

While recycling cardboard is a commonly applied solution, it is limited to 4-5 uses due to the shortening of the paper fibers in the process. One fourth of your boxes is still a lot of waste to be created !





futuREproof provides you moving boxes as a service! Instead of using cardboard boxes that are only used once, we rent you boxes that can be picked-up and return at Ikea service point. This service model is more sustainable as the boxes can be used many times over again. The service also enables the service to be cheaper than buying new boxes!

The functionality of the boxes meets all of the demanding requirements of a move. The boxes are available in multiple sizes (typically 45 L) and can easily carry loads up to 30 kg. All designs are collapsible so that you can easily move them out of the way as soon as you are done unpacking.


How does it work?


The reusable collapsable boxes can be easily picked-up from the Ikea center and returned at drop-off points



The QR codes on the reusable boxes are linked to your personal account at the point of sales. No deposit is required to be paid up front if you are registered by Ikea or in our mobile application.

You pay a rate of 1 € for using the box + 0.3 €/week holding fee. The set-up is cheaper then buying new cardboard boxes.


We have set-up a partnership with IFCO to perform the cleaning professionally at hygienic conditions. 

The boxes are inspected whether they still meet the quality requirements. The damaged ones are recycled into new reusable crates.

The solution can be easily scaled to other cities due to the widespread deployment of IFCO’s supply chain network.