Our products

Zero waste. Premium experience.

We have taken the outermost care to select only the best products. Our selection of food containers have been tested to be the most durable and to really complement the food!

The stainless steel items are made from 75 % recycled material and are designed to have extreme long lifetimes. The plastic food containers are made from polypropylene and are recyclable at the end of their life (after many, many uses).

Futureproof's requirements for packaging

Healthy materials

Consumer health is our first priority. The materials of our packaging are free of concerns such as BPA’s or other toxins.

Making food taste well

The packaging keeps the food in the right conditions by keeping it warm longer or free from moist.


The product’s entire lifecycle has to be considered to determine the eco-impact. In general reuse models have lower impact than single use items. Read the FAQ for more information.

Oregami - our own product range

Logo oREgami

One key challenge for reusable packaging is to optimize the reverse logistics – to address that challenge we draw inspiration from an unusual angle : the Japanese craft of origami. Not only does this provide both beauty and playfulness – foldable designs make it possible to keep space for storage and transportation limited, even with many SKUs!


The designs will soon be released in a common copyright system as we are open to help anybody who wants to further launch these products. Get in touch if you would like to get detailed information about the 3D models or the folding mechanism.