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Zero waste & Premium experience

We have taken the outermost care to select only the best products. Our selection of food containers have been tested to be the most durable and to really complement the food!

Healthy materials

Consumers’ health is our first priority. The materials of our packaging are free of concerns such as BPA’s or other toxins.

Making food taste well

The containers keeps the food in the right conditions by keeping it warm longer or free from moist.


Reuse models have a lower impact than single use items, enhanced by the operation of our double loop. The subsystem of packaging that is used by several customers forms a first loop of reuse. Recycling the packaging in the event of damage without downcycling forms the second loop.

Premium food bowls

Our premium food bowls are perfect for storing both cold and hot (fresh) meals. They are suitable for the fridge or freezer and can withstand warm temperatures in the microwave oven. Due to the perfect closure of the lid these reusable packaging retains heat and is leak-proof. This also contributes to the superior customer experience. Furthermore, our reusable containers can be stacked well in and on top of each other.
The premium bowls are available in the following sizes: 500 ml, 750 ml and 1250 ml.

stainless steel cups

The stainless steel cups are suitable for consuming cold and hot drinks. The reusable cups are designed in such a way that the double-walled design provides thermal insulation. This means that the drink stays at the desired temperature for longer and consumers can enjoy it longer. Moreover, they are perfectly stackable and unbreakable.
The stainless steel cups are available in the following sizes: 240 ml, 355 ml and 475 ml.

sushi trays

The sushi & sandwich trays are (obviously) an ideal solution for packaging sushi rolls, smaller sandwiches, waffles, etc. The transparent lid creates a nice presentation of the food underneath and, like the bottom plate, is also easy to store in other lids/bottom plates. The simple clip mechanism ensures that the bottom plate and lid can form one whole and is easy to carry.

The sushi & sandwich trays are available in the following sizes: 300 ml, 500 ml and 800 ml.

spork cutlery

The spork cutlery is the perfect reusable fork-knife-spoon in one. It has a serving/stirring spoon at one end, and a serrated fork at the other end with a much longer handle. The spork cutlery is a great complement to our premium food bowls. Consumers can enjoy their meal anytime and anywhere.

pizza box

The pizza box is the sustainable alternative to the cardboard pizza box. It is perfectly washable and, unlike the usual disposable pizza box, 100% recyclable after being used hundreds of times. The reusable pizza box consists of two identical, round plates that take on the outline of a pizza. It is designed in such a way that it is easy to use and efficiently stackable.

Sandwich box

The sandwich boxes fit every size and are an alternative to the plastic coated paper wrap. It is also easier to eat from - so ideal for the messy eater !


Even your beloved hamburgers can now be served in a reusable box. Say no to unnecessary deforestation by saying yes to these containers that keep your hamburger nice and crispy due to the ventilation holes.

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